We need another admin

Hi all. I need to make an important announcement. Unfortunately, due to real life commitments, and my activity on other wikis, I have been unable to keep this wiki as up to date as I would like to. Because I can't come here all the time, and after my 2 month hiatus, I have decided that I need a new admin.

A new admin wouldn't need to do a lot, just making the occasional edit, and help remove vandalism. If between us we can make sure the wiki is checked at least once a week for page corrections / updates / fixes etc, it will do better for the wiki overall.

What do I need to do to be promoted?

  • You must have a strong knowledge of wikis. This includes how to correctly format pages and have advanced skills or can at least perform more complicated tasks without asking for help (Google is your friend after all).
  • You must have had an account on Wikia for at least a month, and be relatively active on ANY wiki (even better if it is one that I admin, or if you admin on a decent sized wiki).
  • You need to have a few edits on this wiki of any kind besides comments (I will not give fixed numbers to avoid people making spammy edits, but I have an idea in mind).
  • You must know, understand, and have read every rule and policy we have, and know how pages are written on this page.
  • You have written a complete page written on this wiki (or if it is too hard to find a good page for it, try on another wiki that I admin on), that is not a script (so an episode page or a person page).
  • You have reported and/or corrected pages with issues such as vandalism, bad edits from new users and pages with other general issues (show your diffs - if you don't know what a diff is, you have failed the first dot point).
  • Bad edits or a history of blocks elsewhere will likely lead to a disqualification.

I hope to have someone promoted by the end of January, so there is a lot of time to make sure you have met the requirements, and I will consider promoting multiple people. So, please take your time, and don't make 50 edits in one go - this will make you look less qualified!

Register your interest here, and report any issues you think are relevant either here or on my wall. Don't apply if you haven't already met at least most of the above requirements already. I don't want to deal with "I'll do it" types who make zero effort after applying. You have two months to apply. Also, write a a sentence about why you would make a good admin to make sure that you are actually reading this.

Don't worry about template upgrades, as I'm well aware of those issues. I'm talking bad unfinished scripts, users who have deleted plot sections / other vandalism, pages from new users that don't fit with the rest of the wiki's formatting etc.

What will my roles be?

I really just need to have someone to help check pages for vandalism and fix it (especially during nighttime in my timezone, as that is when most of the vandalism has occurred in the past), as well as correcting new user edits. You may also wish to update the list of episodes pages, or participate in any other form of maintenance. 

You won't need to write large synopsis pages, or be required to write any new content at all unless you want to. This role is purely a fixing / anti-vandal position.

What if no one cares?

Then there will be no change. I've tried and failed with getting a growing community on this wiki before, so I don't expect much interest. Is anyone THAT interested in being in charge of a JonTron community? I doubt it. I don't expect to get much interest. If in the likely case that no one applies or no one meets the requirements, I will try to make sure to do a better job here over the summer then I have over the past 6 months. I will go through each and every page on this wiki over summer to make sure that they still are good quality.

Should I tell Reddit?

Whenever the subreddit asks for admins, they get swamped by many people offering. I would suggest that if you must tell anyone on Reddit, ask the admins there first, and / or only tell someone who you think would be a good candidate. I have had a bad history of people from the subreddit coming here to vandalise whenever we are mentioned there, so please be careful if you choose to do so.

Overall, it would be nice to just have someone to come here once a day or once a week to fix up stuff that I can't. This wiki isn't as higher priority to me as other wikis I admin, but I don't want this wiki to suffer because of that. Sorry for the way too long post, I tend to write essays with this kind of thing.


Prowler64 Talk PageProwler64sig 21:57, November 25, 2016 (UTC)