This is an animated video to advertise Jon's new shirts.

A JonTron's Winter Tale
Date December 8th 2014
Series Announcement Videos

Cast Jon


This is an animated video about a young Jontron, a lonely boy, who tried to make a friend for Christmas.

The opening shot is of a book with a picture of Jon and Jacques, and a silhouette of a young Jon next to a snowman. Jon builds a snowman. He always wanted to exchange gifts with a friend, and puts a jacket onto the snowman.

Suddenly, the snowman becomes angry, metal music plays, the moon glows red and everything catches fire. Faces melt and demons fly around. The ground opens up behind Jon, and Satan appears saying that he has been waiting to ruin everything for a long time. The snowman states that Jon caused this.

The video ends, and Jon wishes everyone a merry Christmas, and advertises his new T-Shirt and hoodie.


The animator was Zach Hadel (Psychicpebbles), Chris O' Neill (OneyNG) did After Effects, and Mich Lauer (RicePirate) did the narrator's voice.