PBG (real name Austin Hargrave), short for PeanutButterGamer, is a reviewer for Normal Boots that has made appearances in previous JonTron videos. He and Jon also started Normal Boots together.

He appeared in Apples and Grapes, when JonTron shows up at his house. He also helped Jon out to make the Drunk Gaming episode. The pair have also appeared on numerous NormalBoots panels together.

PBG sneaks up behind Jon in Top 5 Things That Ruin A Game's Immersion.

Jon has appeared in several of PBG's videos, including both of them playing in PBG's Minecraft Hardcore series.

He has his own wiki here.

Austin later revealed on Twitter that they're not friends anymore.


PBG's channel features younger children game reviews that are reviewed by him. Notably, PBG does not swear in any of his videos. He also devotes November to 'Zelda Month', where he makes a video each week about The Legend of Zelda series. His main channel is here.

He also has a gameplay channel, where he hosts a Hardcore series, where he plays with his friends to attempt to complete a challenge, where if they die, they are eliminated from the series. He also does regular let's play series, with the premise that he 'sucks' at the games. He also works with his best friend, Jeff (Spacehamster), on episodes called PB&Jeff, where they play multiple games together (mostly known for their Super Mario Maker, Wario Ware, and some childrens' games).

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