• Prowler64

    Plagiarism and copyright

    November 18, 2015 by Prowler64

    There have been several issues of copyright issues on this site that need to be addressed.

    1. First of all, it is illegal under copyright law, to steal or copy-paste any content seen on this website without either explicit permission from the writer and admins, or at least provide a link to the page that you copied it from. Providing that you have our work sourced, you ARE allowed to use our work off site.
    2. This also goes the other way. Users here are not allowed to steal content from other wikias or other websites without permission or at least sourcing where the information came from when writing information on this site.
    3. While we are on the topic of copyright, once again, make sure to not upload videos of Jon's that have been taken down from t…
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  • Prowler64

    New site rules

    March 25, 2015 by Prowler64

    Because of how heavily vandalised and unprofessional this wiki has become, it is time to add some rules to the site. Please read them all, especially for anyone who takes on the task of creating scripts.

    1. No fan fictions or speculation articles of any kind. They will be deleted upon sight and the user will be given a warning.
    2. If the first edit OR comment is vandalism, offensive or is in any other way inappropriate to this wiki, you will receive at least a one week ban. Other instances will vary depending on the situation. Absolutely no circle-jerking. I've seen what happens at the subreddit, and what is tolerated there may not be tolerated here.
    3. Regarding the scripts - they are in a poor state and are not recommended to be placed on pages. Howeve…
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