Th is a review JonTron did of a variety of Bootlegged Pokemon games.


In this episode, JonTron plays a bunch of unlicensed games based on the popular franchise, Pokémon, which are mostly on retro systems.

He takes a look at "Pocket Monsters", which was apparently made in 2000. Jon tries to leave when he sees Pikachu appears on the screen falling terrified into the level. Pikachu walks weirdly, and most of the Pokémon that appear just aren't Pokémon. The continue screen looks like a PSA for abused Pokémon. There aren't even any checkpoints throughout the levels.

He then plays "Pokémon Stadium" for the SNES, which has twelve playable Pokémon with weird names.

This is followed by "Pokémon Adventure". The opening moments of the game is confusing with an unkillable enemy. Also, Pikachu moves like Sonic because this is a hack of another hack, Sonic Adventure 7.

He then plays "Moemon", which is just a regular Pokémon game, only with girls in Pokémon costumes rather than the Pokémon themselves. In "Pokémon Diamond and Jade", the game seems to be obsessed with cell phones rather than Pokémon. Jon attempts to translate the title of the game it is a hack of, but can't translate the last word.

One of Jon's favorites is "Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal", a poorly translated game makes it funny, and Professor Oak wants everyone to call him 'Elf Monster'. Jon makes a few jokes about the strange ways the game tells the player to set the time and is mocked for sleeping in.

Finally, Jon plays "Pokémon 4in1". It has three games with 'Pika' as the title, and 'Pacman'? Pikaclick is a game about matching blocks, Pikaslot is a stupid slots game, Pikadance is a DDR clone, and Pacman is, well, Pacman.

Jon goes to leave when suddenly the Lavender Town music plays. A Pokémon game where the Pokémon die instead of faint flies into his hand. He tries to play it, but a Haunter appears on the screen and sucks him in.