This is a review JonTron did about the two games in the California Games series. Jon jokingly says that traffic on the 405 freeway is his favorite sport.


Summer's about to arrive, but Jon hasn't lost his winter weight yet. Jon decides to play California Games instead of going outside.

California Games

The game has no breakdown on how it is supposed to play, and the character falls down. He gets random points and symbols for doing tricks. He plays 'Foot-Bag', which is hackey-sack, and finds it amusing that he can hit a bird. Jacques isn't happy with this, so Jon picks him up like an ice cream cone. He plays surfing and gets a terrible score (of 0.2!) Jon likes the shark that appears in the character wipes out.

In the rollerskating game, the girl falls over everything - even sand particles. In BMX the guy falls off his bike instantly - apparently, he hasn't ridden a bike before. Jon can't play any of these games! He tries Frisbee, but the Frisbee lands at the character's foot. He soon realizes that this game is essentially catching.

California Games 2

The characters just stare back at Jon. He tries to hang gliding, but the girl falls straight off a cliff. He tries again, but just as it seems like it will work, the character turns around and crashes into the cliff again. In the surfboard game, Jon finds that he has to ride a helicopter, and is disturbed by the Golden Gate Bridge being seen near a snowy mountain, a desert, and a dinosaur. He works out that the game turns into a half-pipe game, but with a clock that doesn't quite work yet.

He tries body-boarding, and the kid just jumps off a dock into the water. When Jon plays, he takes out grandma, and the board is the only thing that turns up on shore. Sad music plays, and Jon is traumatized. Suddenly, the silly music kicks back in, ruining the moment. Finally, he plays skateboarding, which is the worst game by far, and somehow the character actually dies - funeral and everything!

Jon decides to actually go outside, and ride on a skateboard down a slope (sitting on it) and wearing skates on his hands. After an Audible advertisement and the outro card, outtakes are shown of Jacques continually interrupting Jon.


  • Jon somehow doesn't realize that the dinosaur standing in front of the black, bubbling pool represents the La Brea Tar Pits.
  • This is the first and last video that shows Jon's other bird, Spaghetti, but it is yet to be really confirmed.
  • The game Jon compares the skateboarding graphics to is Chip's Challenge.
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