Cinnamon is one of Jon's pet parrots. Like Jacques, Cinnamon is also a green-cheeked conure. Physically, she resembles Jacques, but as a Cinnamon mutation of the regular green-cheek, her plumeage and beak are a more sandy tone in comparison. Her beak is also visibly the sharper of the two birds.

Unlike Jacques, Cinnamon is not characterized in episodes of JonTron, and very rarely appears in any capacity. She makes an appearance in Japanese Shoot 'Em Ups, being held up by Jon with Jacques, as both birds shoot lazers. She also appears at the end of Titenic.

Cinnamon keeps on biting Jon's hand during the ONE LAST JONTRON UPDATE video.

Jon also mentions Cinnamon in his video Counter Strike: The Durst Offensive".

In "Jontron Bird Buddies" (on Commander Holly's channel), Jon notes that Cinnamon is the more aggressive of the two, whereas Jacques is nicer. He also adds that Cinnamon and Jacques try to bone each other at times.