Jon makes an appearance on Continue?, and the first part is on Jon's channel.

Continue & JonTron - Drunstravaganza! (Part 1)
Date October 3rd 2012
Series Continue?

Cast Jon, The Continue? crew


Jon crash lands into the Continue? HQ and ruins their ceiling. Jon wants to be on their show. Jon ruins Paul's intro.

They are drinking while playing Mickey Mousecapades. They complain about the Fun House. They get stuck behind a cat and see a creeper poking its head through a window. They find out that Minnie has terrible AI. Jon screams when he sees the witch boss, and they take the key from it. After perfectly dodging some spiders, they are attacked by an enemy disguised as a key chest. The finish up with Mickey Mousecapade, and Nick says that he didn't like it. Everyone agrees to game over the game.

The next game is Hyper Zone, and Jon almost breaks the game. Jon is shocked at what he sees, and describes it as F-Zero, if the sky and the ground were both the same. Jon realizes that this really is a F-Zero clone. They get past the first level and begin the second. This level has lava on the top and the bottom! The crew make fun of the level design describing it as someone playing Minecraft with lava on the top and the bottom! They stop playing the game, and they all give it a game over.

Jon is excited to play Super Godzilla. The images of the people look weird, and the crew make fun of how the text is written. No one has any idea what is going on, but they manage to destroy a building. It looks like Cookie Monster is eating the buildings. Jon finds the game unplayable. They fight Ghidorah, and see Colonel Sanders. Ghidorah shoots his lightning breath at Godzilla. Jon screams a lot. They escape the fight. Once again, they all give this game a game over.

Jon is sorry that he picked all the games, and they were all terrible. Part 2 is available on Continue?'s channel here.