Jon really wants to show Dino City off to the world because of how much he enjoyed it as a kid.


Doing retro reviews all the time is a bit overdone, although Jon did start off that way after being inspired by the AVGN and Spoony. There is a game from his childhood that Jon wanted to share with the world.

Jacques turns into a falcon to fly the game down. Jon doesn't remember how to start the game. He tries to play it on the PS3, then the PS2, and his PC. He even tries his DS and router. He tries the dishwasher three times before finally remembering the SNES.

Jon begins to discuss a game with the generic and uninspired characters. Timmy was sucked into the TV world after touching his dad's "Science device"! Jon plays the game and doesn't like the dinosaur's punch, so he tries to change characters and can't work out how to do it.

Jon prefers the girl dinosaur because it has a projectile. Jon likes the branching path style of play. The red door is harder to get to and can lead to a bonus stage, like in Super Mario Land. What's the deal with games not using real seconds on their timers? The bosses are pretty cool. Jon is angered by the impossible to avoid pits and the fact that the player can only get nine lives. The game was counting his lives past nine, but just didn't show it!

He gets to the castle level. Jon is amused by the boss dinosaur that just doesn't seem to care. It puts its hands in its pocket and even changes jackets throughout the fight! Jon beats the game and makes fun of the badly written speech in the cutscene. Neither of the kids looks like their in-game sprites. Jon loves how games show the names of the enemies at the end of the game.

Jon does like this game and reveals that it was based on some movie. This game is way better than the movie. Jon ends the video by singing Firework by Katy Perry. As he sings, he puts Jacques back into his cage, drinks a glass of water and spills it everywhere as he is still singing, and walks along the seaside.


  • During the footage of Dino City's final battle, a savestate notice appears onscreen, showing the game was recorded from an emulator rather than the actual SNES console.
  • Years later, Jon would sing the entirety of Firework as a result of a charity event.
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