JonTron reviews Donkey Kong Country Returns in the similar style he reviewed Nimbus Review?.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review?
Date December 18th 2010
Series Reviews?

Cast Jon


In this video Jon reviews Donkey Kong Country Returns while drunk. They got bored of making Metroid Prime so they went to Nintendo and asked if they could ruin another series. Jon's first impression was that they didn't change much. Someone tells Jon he's playing the wrong game. (He's playing Donkey Kong Country 3 instead) The worlds looks "retardadly" similar to New Super Mario Brothers.

Retro made a new compelling villain. A plank of wood. Jon makes fun of the motion controls, because pressing buttons are too hard. If you are a little girl, you can get God to beat the level for you. Donkey Kong Country Returns is probably the best game for the Wii in ever. The game gets 6 golden bananas plus out of Shiguri Miyamoto.


  • This video has since been made unlisted on Jon's YouTube channel, however it is still able to be seen on Normal Boots. It is still available to be seen on YouTube with a direct link.
    • It was then later removed from Normal Boots entirely, and is now only available via direct link on YouTube.