Jon celebrates his 21st birthday by playing a bad Castlevania while drunk.

Drunk Gaming: The Castlevania Adventure
Date April 5th 2011
Series none

Cast Jon, Jacques, PBG


Jon is playing Pokemon. Jon has turned 21, and evolves into an alchoholic.

When Jon first started making JonTron, he made a 'terrible' video about Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness. He says that he wants to revisit another Castlevania game in the future. This game is so bad it gave Jon nightmares. He gets  out his vodka and drinks it.

After being drunk enough, he begins to play Castlevania: The Adventure on GameBoy (but he's going to call it The Castlevania Adventure because that's clearly what it says on the cartridge). The hero moves very slowly and looks just like the enemies. Jon keeps on getting attacked by eagles.

He complains about the platforming, stating that it looks impossible to jump across the gap. He surprises himself when he actually does! Jon says that a novice player wouldn't have been able to make the jump, and would fall to the ground. Jon drops to the ground.

Jon fights the boss for the first level, and realizes that he's not going to be able to get past the first level. He dies and gives up.