Final Hallway XIII is a skit involving Jon and his friends trying to play a game, but realize that the game plays itself.


Jon, Michael, and Allen are really excited to play this game. Suddenly, someone appears outside the window warning them not to play the game. Jon can't tell what they are saying, and Jon eventually gets them to go away.

Jon looks between both the others and opens the case. Jon throws the disc into the PS3.

After awkwardly introducing themselves to the characters and Michael mentioning that there is always someone called Wedge in a Final Fantasy game, Jon becomes concerned and gets Michael to move right. He can't. Jon tells him to try going left. He can't. Jon tells him to try to play the game. Michael replies with he thought he was playing the game, but he was using the wrong controller the whole time. Michael holds up a SNES controller.

The game appeared to be playing itself. Michael panics, Jon screams and Jacques bites his ear.


  • This skit references the criticisms Final Fantasy XIII received for its extreme linearity.
  • Due to early hiccups in the series schedule, despite being a skit, this, as well as Final Hallway XIII-2, is considered to be the 3rd episode of JonTron by Jon himself.