Jon quizzes the public on video games. This is the third episode of JonTron. Unlike it's predecessor, it has been made completely unavailable outside of reuploads by other channels.

Gaming In Public
Date Unknown
Series Other videos

Link(s) Video Removed
Cast Jon


Jon is sitting on a dolphin statue in a park. He is about to make a fool of himself.

He asks a man called Richard if he plays video games. He doesn't. He asks two women. They don't. Another woman doesn't either. The two women like the Nintendo 360, and think the Nintendo Wii is for little girls. Jon asks a group of boys if they play video games. They don't and one of them makes weird gestures behind Jon.

Jon asks if the lady knows about the Magnavox Odyssey. He is surprised that she doesn't as it is an older thing. He asks if she would prefer the Nintendo 360 or Xbox 3. She chooses the Xbox 3. He talks to a gentleman from Argentina who is riding a bike. Jon loves his accent. He is going to ride his bike from Alaska to Argentina!

Jon asks people to complete video game phrases.

The first is "Our princess is in another ___?" One of the women correctly guesses castle. Two people suggest world.

The second is "Do a ___ roll!" On person suggests a dinner roll! Sushi roll is also suggested, and Jon finds this dirty!

The third is "All your ___ are belong to us." A suggestion is money. The two women have no idea what would fit there as it isn't grammatically correct. Someone calls out that the answer is base. The woman still doesn't know, and Jon replies that base was correct.

"What is a man? A ___ little pile of secrets!" The woman confuses Jon by saying black. The biker finds it amusing.

"Snake? Snake, ___!" The man correctly says Snaaaake. The biker says Jesus.

Everybody thinks he is an idiot. He calls out to a biker asking if he likes video games. He just waves. The next biker appears, and Jon yells porno. He also waves.

Jon tries to interview a small dog that runs away. Jon gets a phone call. The woman thinks that you jump on the Wii. Jon describes JonTron as being just like the movie Tron, just a little more overweight! The woman apparently works at Apple, and isn't allowed to talk about it. Jon asks a frog statue which video game console is its favorite. He asks it if it is high. He rides the dolphin thinking it is a penguin.