Jon advertises JonTronShow as a Blu-Ray movie in a commercial skit.

George Lucas and JonTron visit Jupiter
Date September 23rd 2011
Series JonTron

Cast JonTron, Jacques, Jirard


Jon introduces himself to the audience and tells them of his past professions.  He states that he will introduce them to his original vision for JonTron "Without the limitations of the past."  He then presents a Blu-Ray case with the JonTron logo on it.  He then goes on stating about a few changes that will be added to the DVD, including Jacques being in his original form, which was a monster truck that stood on his shoulder, having his original Daikatana review be a mafia film, and having the Mighty Max cartridge shoot him before he destroys it.

He shows Jirard working on the new video, but Jirard states that its not coming together, then is hit on the head with a bat, making a faint cracking sound.  Jon then states that the show didn't have enough "controversy" in the show that it didn't give it that artistic expression.  He then shows the intro video playing with still photos of past wars sliding around his and Jacques body.

He then adds that he can now add edits to his episodes to make corrections that he didn't make in the past.  He then has multiple clips from his episodes pop up with blue ghosts floating around then the purpose of the video is revealed: Jon is mad about how George Lucas is making edits to the classic Star Wars and expresses his sadness, showing that George has "died" in 1999(About his Greatness before the Prequels and edits).


  • "Oh my god, do you smell that?" - Jirard after being hit in the head by a bat.
  • "And it may be why we haven't seen another Star Fox game since EXCEPT STAR FOX ASSAULT NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP" - Jon's correction on the Starfox Adventures: Stairfax Temperatures video


  • This episode doesn't feature the intro at the beginning.
  • Jon's professions are:
    • Director
    • Actor
    • Musician
    • Bridesmaid (Was just for one time)
    • Marksman
    • Fisherman
  • The video that Jirard is editing is the Starfox Adventures: Stairfax Temperatures video, which was posted before this video.
  • Old videos mentioned include: Daikatana, Star Fox Adventures, Sonic R, Mighty Mighty Max and DinoCity.
  • Jon's added a comment about Starfox Assault is about how the comments pointed out that there was another Starfox game after Adventures.
  • The list of ghosts that appear during the ending is:
    • Tim Allen
    • Anakin Skywalker
    • 3 ghosts of Jacques (which are pigeons)
    • Casper the ghost
    • Haunted Mansion ghosts
    • Space Ghost (Coast to coast)
    • Robin Williams
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