Jon shows off his first moments in Guns of Icarus.

Guns of Icarus (REAL TUTORIAL) - Ft. JonTron
Date February 6th 2016
Series Other videos

Cast Unknown


Jon welcomes to a video introducing Guns of Icarus Online. He creates his character, and puts a thimble on his head! The character looks disinterested. He looks through the items and they look like drugs. He sees Moonshine - which is just drugs!

He comments on some other odd items, and is disappointed by saying that phoenixes don't exist. The game emphasizes that he is a novice player and sucks! He is confused by the dyes. His character looks like it is from Final Fantasy 9. He comments on the breast plates.

He finally begins to play. One of the players takes forever to get into the game. Jon starts. He is surprised by the guns. He takes a shot at another ship. He fixes the engines, and eventually falls off the balloon!

Jon shoots at another ship, and is told to get off the gun! Jon panics as he tries to shoot a ship. His team probably hate him at this point! He watches an enemy ship go down. Jon is being yelled at by someone called Maymay Machine!

Jon shoots down a ship and is proud of himself! Jon shoots the guns again, only to find out that he was shooting a friendly! Jon likes the teamwork aspect. Blue team wins. It probably wasn't Jon's team!