Jon reviews the SNES Home Improvement video game. This is the 7th episode of JonTron.

Home Improvement
Date February 13th 2012
Series JonTron

Cast Jon, Jacques


Jon begins the episode by whining about video games and wishes for a video game, in oddly specific detail, to be made after something terrible, from the nineties, and starring Tim Allen.

Jon is then presented with a cartridge for the Home Improvement video game on Super Nintendo. Following this, Jon briefly goes into detail on what Home improvement is: A generic sitcom from the nineties. While doing so, he makes various jabs towards sitcoms in general, noting Family Matters and Full House specifically.

Once Jon actually begins the game, he starts by criticising the score. Calling it annoying. He then goes on to note that the game is designed for children, but starts up with nothing but text to read, even speeding up the footage to emphasise the high amount of dialogue.

Once he actually begins the game, it starts with Tim's character flexing for an idle animation. Jon begins traveling through the game, noting the absurdity of the central setting being the dinosaur age.

Jon starts to note that the game's central focus is scavenger hunts. The player needs to find several crates hidden throughout a level. He criticises this gameplay design for not being as refiend as it could have been. He cites the game Zombies Ate My Neighbors as an example of the concept done well. Bringing up the similarities between Home Improvement and Mighty Max, he notes that neither game does the concept justice.

Eventually, Jon gets through the first level, and the second level is almost the same as the first. There are piranha plant enemies that look similar to a boss from Joe and Mac. The game tricks Jon into death traps. The rest of the game is nothing special and changes the level theme sporatically, prompting Jon to make more comparisons to Mighty Max. Jon eventually gives up on the game and ends the review. In the final moments, Jaques makes a comment, then exclaims rapidly when scratching himself. Jon asks the audience if they've noticed that Jaques can talk yet and the video ends.


  • The scene when Jon states that he's "seen worse" features a screenshot of another game in the corner. The game featured is the infamous Ballz 3D.