Jon demonstrates how to play Smite.

How to Play Smite
Date November 16th 2014
Series How to Play

Cast Jon


In order to play Smite, you need a few things. Headphones, keyboard, mouse, and computer. Jon drinks several beers. Jon explains that the viewer may not want to get up in the morning after seeing something so great. He gets interrupted by the character hitting his sword on his shield impatiently.

He counts down to the start of the match, and forgets the numbers that come after 4. Jon finds all the camps. Jon doesn't know what's happening when he gets into a camp, and begins to panic when he is targeted by a phoenix. No one has yelled at him so far. The crowd are laughing at Jon, and he doesn't know what to do.

Jon laughs as a guy gets blown away by a tornado. Jon does a 'Twist and turn', by playing badly at first before coming back. Jon lost the game, and blames the game for glitching.

Jon doesn't want to say that anything went wrong last match. Jon sees several moves with the word 'Searing' in the title. Jon will piss off everyone on his team involuntarily. He gets blown up after being impressed by his beam. Jon thinks he got a kill, but someone else got credited instead. Jon admits that he made some mistakes, and in the next match, he puts everything on Anubis, and even shows a pie graph of it.

Jon continues getting defeated, and he mutters to himself. He shows the victory screen, and wonders why the viewer doesn't believe in him. Jon spills beer all over himself. He ends the video by advertising the game.