Jon finds himself locked in a dungeon where he plays Dungeon Hunter.

Hunting DUNGEONS (In a dungeon...)
Date July 14th 2016
Series Other videos

Cast Jon, guard (unknown person)


Jon awakens to find himself chained up in a dungeon. He sees a skeleton next to him, and makes a pun. Jon starts freaking out, when someone comes to the door, and gives him 'food'. The man demands that Jon eats the food. He calls Jon fat. Jon wonders what he is going to do here on his own. He finds a phone with Dungeon Hunter on it.

He is told to roll when someone is trying to skewer him. Jon beats the gold out of his enemies. His wife is sending him messages. Harbinger appears, and is invulnerable to his attacks - until he isn't. Jon's wife continues to nag about saving Jon.

Jon gets a rare sword and makes fun of the rock-paper-scissors style of battles. He is told to find the bounty, but reads it as booty, and puts butts on the screen. Jon wants to try to put as many butts on the screen as possible before Adobe Premier crashes.

Ethan sends Jon a picture of himself. Jon continues playing and defeats the Immortal Gamekeeper. He murders more people for gold.

His wife calls him asking if he is OK. She tells Jon that they got Jon. Jon says that he is fine. The past has finally caught up to Jon. Jon should have returned his library book! But Jon got a lot of gold and some rare swords.

Jon would go on to become confused and scream. The guards later confiscated his iPhone. He remains in his cell unaware that his wife was a text to speech program.