Jon was competing in a Youtuber Iron Gamer Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament. This is one of the matches played during his set of matches.

IRON GAMER - SSBM Round 3 Extended
Date July 14th 2011
Series none

Cast Husky, Layne, JonTron, Dodger


This video is an extended version of an Iron Gamer match. That video can be found here. This is the third round, which is between Husky, Layne, JonTron and Dodger in a tournament of Super Smash Bros Melee. Husky is the Ice Climbers, Layne is Ness, Jon is Captain Falcon, and Dodger is Kirby.

The course chosen is random, and it selects Icicle Mountain. Jon is not impressed. Husky is happy for his home ground advantage. Layne and Dodger lose a stock early, as the competitors discuss Captain Falcon. Jon's Blastoise just stands at the bottom of the stage and dies.

Jon takes a large lead, with 3 stocks, while Husky has 2, and the others have 1 at the two minute mark. Dodger is soon eliminated, as Jon still complains about the stage. Layne is next to be eliminated. Jon and Husky are the last remaining, and Jon has an extra stock on him. Jon wins the game.

At the end of this round, Jon has 21 points, Husky has 18, Layne has 10, and Dodger has 8.