Jirard "Dragonrider" "The Completionist" Khalil is a fellow YouTuber and NormalBoots member. Jirard was chosen by Jon and Austin to be a member of their website back when it launched. Today, Jirard has a wide range of shows that he both stars in himself (The Completionist and Super Beard Bros), and directs (The National Dex). Jirard has also edited several of Jon's videos.

Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil


Real name

Jirard Khalil

First Appearance:

Sonic Team Intervention


January 3rd 1988


San Francisco

JonTron Appearances

Jirard's first appearance on Jon's show was in Sonic Team Intervention, where he played the character Barbara, who was a QA employee for Sega. The other characters kill her, and dump her body.

Jirard is then hurt again in George Lucas and JonTron visit Jupiter, where he is editing a video, and Jon hits him with a bat.

His third appearance is in Final Hallway XIII-2, where he plays Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Jon warns him not to.

Jirard was a guest host in Star Wars Kinect, where Jirard jumps up and terrifies Jon as he is being introduced. They play some of the Kinect game together.

Jon and Jirard have also appeared on several NormalBoots panels together.