For the second episode of StarCade, Jon plays an X-Wing game.

JonTron's StarCade: Episode 2 - X-WING
Date May 24th 2015
Series StarCade

Cast Jon, Ross O'Donovan (RubberRoss), Mark Fischback (Markiplier), Dave Klein (as Goblin Head Boy)


Jon has come around to the Millennium Falcon, even if it is a hunk of junk. He kicks a panel, which blows up the ship.

Jon wants to ride an X-Wing, which had a game released in 1993. This was the first game to use 3D polygonal graphics rather than bitmaps. Some soldier commands the player to register, to which Jon mocks the situation while eating a sandwich. Jon finds the Hidden Rebel Training Facilities and questions the hidden part of it.

The graphics are really good for the DOS.

Jon is commanding an X-Wing team. He's aiming for Dearth Vader's door step. He contacts Ross Leader, who can't be seen on Jon's radar. Ross is lost underwater. Jon yells at him as Ross sees a whale. Mark has entered the body of Arnold from the Magic School Bus! Jon is now alone with Goblin Head Boy, and doesn't want to be. Jon is blowing the whole thing, and blows everyone up.

Jon shows the special edition. It loses the charm of the original, but is still pretty good. The absurd DOS cutscenes are fun to watch. Jon watches a guy float around not moving, until he does. He gets put into a tube of jelly, and it turns out he didn't make it. He gets flushed into space, and the dynamite that was in there blows up when it hits the planet!

A cutscene is shown with Ghorin and Darth Vader, and Jon comments that nobody ever said Lord Vader and unexpectedly together. Jon ends the video teasing that the next one will be a taste of the dark side.