Jontron's Starcade Episode 9 is the finale of Starcade.

JonTron's StarCade: Episode 9 - The Star Wars Holiday Special (FINALE)
Date December 15th 2015
Series StarCade

Cast Jon, Gordon Tarpley (Palpatine Actor), Palpatine / Vader Voice (Mick Lauer), Piotr Michael (George Lucas Voice), Arin Hanson (Darth Vader), Ross O'Donovan, Holly Conrad


After negotiating its use from Star Wars creator George Lucas, Jon starts off reviewing the Holiday Special mostly talking about its flaws and plot holes. Jon comments on the awful editing, terrible plot, awkward scenes and no sci-fi action despite the fact it being Star Wars. When he finishes he says he's coming home and tries to call Darth Vader.

However, George comes with a blaster pointed to Jon stating he needs his help to destroy the only thing worse than the Holiday Special, which then flashbacks to the Star Wars Kinect review. George then shows Jon the Empire is one big copy of Star Wars Kinect and Jon goes there to stop it once and for all.

Jon, now wearing a Jedi outfit and wielding the shortened Lightsaber from Episode 7, confronts the Emperor and then battles Darth Vader, but looses his lightsaber in the process. He then takes Vader's lightsaber but loses the skin on his hand. Darth Vader falls on the floor from tripping on his cape and Palpatine tells Jon to kill him. Jon refuses to do it, leading Palpatine to strike him with lightning. Experiencing a change of heart, Vader brings Jacques back to life, causing him to turn into a human and kill Palpatine, saving Jon's life.

Confused, Jon rushes to Vader, who begs him to take off his mask, revealing him to be Jon's former co-host, Arin Hanson. The two talk out their problems and proceed to do the Han Solo Dance for 'Old Times'. It ends with George looking at a picture of Game Grumps-era Jon and Arin, saying may the force be with you, which causes him to cough up blood.


  • This is the second Starcade episode without an intro, the first being episode 7.
  • This is the first time Jon and Arin have appeared in a video together since Ode to Jon (on Game Grumps) back in 2013.
  • Steam Train host Ross O'Donovan appears in the episode's dance scene, still wearing his Rebel Alliance pilot outfit from Episode 2. His wife, special-effects artist and professional cosplayer Holly Conrad, also appears, wearing a Princess Leia outfit while dancing with him.