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Welcome to the JonTron Wiki. This is the wiki for all things JonTron. Make sure you read the site rules and guidelines before creating pages, commenting, and especially making scripts.

Don't be afraid of adding a new page about a video that isn't on here yet.

Please do not edit pages to make them less profane and/or more professional. We all know Jon's sense of humour, and it's far from impossible to be humorous and informative at the same time. And memetic comments are acceptable, but for deity's sake, people, don't post the entire Bee Movie script. It's not funny.

Latest JonTron Episodes

December 20, 2019 - I'm running out of enthusiastic responses because Jon's upload schedule has become absurdly frequent as of later. Surviving Edged Weapons.

December 13, 2019 - Jon takes another dive into the realm of VR with the Oculus Rift S in Virtual Reality Mukbang (Sort Of).

November 28, 2019 - Jon has decided to give us an educated and well-researched history lesson on the Pilgrims just in time for Thanksgiving Food Day. Join him on this journey in The REAL Story of the Pilgrims.

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