JonTron makes a very late and very odd announcement to say that he will be at MAGFest between January 2nd - 5th 2014.

JonTron at MAGFest 2014 + Terror
Date December 20th 2013
Series Announcement Videos

Cast Jon


It's Christmas and everyone is celebrating with JonTron. He has a cardboard cutout of David Tennant (an actor who played Dr. Who). Jon tries to get him to speak, and tries to encourage him by punching him in the balls. He looks over and sees Matt Smith (the actor who replaced David Tennant as Dr. Who). Jon is angry that Matt took over the role. Jon explains that it is Jesus' birthday (and the camera reveals a cardboard cutout of Jesus).

Jon knocks Matt out, and cuts off his head with scissors. Jon realizes what he has done, and wants to hide the body. David and Jesus turn their backs on Jon. Jon puts the body into the shower. Jon is carrying a body bag through the streets. He throws it into the water.

Jon finally announces that he will be at MAGFest between January 2nd - 5th 2014 at the Gaylord Hotel. He will have a panel there. Jon admits that this announcement is a little bit late. Jon reveals that he has a bunch of videos to show soon, and shows the packages of the games blurred out.

He also had a Kim Jong-Il that he didn't use for the video. He draws a Hitler mustache on him, and a heart on his cheek. Jon punches the cutout.