Jon and Ethan make a video together where they attempt to learn Kung Fu.

Jon & Ethan Learn Kung Fu
Date May 15th 2016
Series none

Cast Jon, Ethan Klein, Kung Fu teachers


Jon and Ethan meet up. Ethan is making a video about middle aged woman who love yogurt. Jon pats him on the back, and Ethan reveals that he has been stabbed in the back! Jon takes the knife out, and Ethan thinks that Jon should have left it in. Ethan explains how he let someone stabbed him in the back. Jon takes a skeleton out of his closet. Ethan is horrified that there is a child's skeleton in Jon's closet!

Jon takes Ethan to China Town. They pose in the street. They look at the trash in the street. Jon breaks a fire hydrant, and they run away!

They arrive at the Liuhe Ziranmen Wushu Training Center. They will train with the martial art master. They are being taught by Brian Wang. Brian shows off. Jon tries to attack, but gets kicked to the ground. They do some stretches, and Ethan falls over. Ethan puts his foot onto a bar. Jon tries as well, and misses. He does it on the second attempt.

Brian says that Ethan's stretching is better than Jon's. Jon calls Ethan E. Honda, and Ethan thinks that he meant Blanka. They argue.

They meet with the master, who throws punches and kicks at them. He shows off his skills, scaring Jon. Jon gets kicked in the face. They return to Brian because they don't like getting kicked in the face.

They perform kicks, and Brian scores them with percentages. Jon does better than Ethan. Ethan attempts to stab Brian, and Brian turns it onto Ethan. The master has one last test. He points a gun at them! Jon and Ethan panic, and Ethan tells him to put the gun down.