Malkovich's Gaming Guilty Pleasures is a skit video made by JonTron. Malkovich makes a short skit about finding the baby penguin in Super Mario 64.

Malkovich's Gaming Guilty Pleasures
Date March 4th 2011
Series Malkovich

Cast Jon (as Malkovich), PeanutButterGamer


Malkovich goes back to the year 1997, a year where technology kicked off. Malkovich shows off the Nintendo 64, and Super Mario 64. Malkovich tries to save the baby penguin in Cool Cool Mountain.

However, he is tricked by the penguin located right near the mother. When he finds that he has been fooled, he drops the homeless penguin off the cliff. He finds the mother penguin's baby, and throws it off the cliff as well!

Malkovich struggles to not swear, as this video is public access. Malkovich takes a phone call, and most of the calls are people just swearing at him.