Jon looks at the Mighty Max video game.


Jon remembers the Mighty Max cartoon. The show was made just to make some meaningless toys, but they didn't stop there and made a game. While playing the game, he questions if he even needed to do that. Everything about this game is too small. The bullets are tiny, and the enemies are tiny. Some of the enemies don't even make sense.

Jon hates the idea of collecting stuff and throwing it into portals to clear the stage. It just isn't fun to play and isn't rewarding. The second level looks identical to the first level, complete with identical music. The next level is in space, and every character looks like Marvin the Martian. All the characters all play exactly the same. The other levels are all uninspired too.

The game has floaty controls, pointless characters that are all the same, horrible looping music, stuff flying everywhere, bad graphics, tiny graphics, stuff that blends into the background etc.

Jacques performs a ritual to destroy the cartridge, however, the cartridge got possessed and insulted Jon. However, Jon manages to destroy the cartridge (by hacking at it with an electric saw) but regretted doing so after.

The Mighty Max Cartridge

Jon revealed at a Q&A Panel at MAGFest 12 in January 2014 that the cartridge belonged to one of his neighbors and he regretted destroying it. He never told his neighbor that he destroyed it either. The cartridge shows Jon images from the Top 10 Most Overrated Games, which Jon removed from his channel because he regretted doing that video.

The cartridge appears again in George Lucas and JonTron visit Jupiter, where Jon edits the video to show that the cartridge attacked him first. It is finally seen once more in JonTron Loves Continue?!?, where he offers to give the broken cartridge to one of the 30,000 people who subscribed to Continue. He then says he'll sign it if the person wants him to.

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