Jon makes a Halloween episode on Monster Bash.


Jon sings a song about how his processor overheated (to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel Air), so his Halloween video is a couple of days late!

Jon's house is decorated for Halloween. Jon loves Halloween. It is rare to find a Monster Bash disc in such good condition. Games on DOS were all over the place. It was impossible to find a good one from a bad one to a weird one. Jon talks about how gamers had to use commands to get the game running, and hoped the game worked. He also mentions a list of classic franchises that came from this era.

Jon puts the disc into his computer using his food! Jon struggles to get the game to work, as he gets stuck with the commands. He finally gets the game running. The game has a massive amount of options on the menu screen. Jon skips through the story and starts the game. 

This is one of the first games he ever played. This game is pretty gory for a kids game. That's because there wasn't a rating system back then. To open chests in this game, the player has to chip at the chests until stuff comes out. Jon gets stuck in a wall. The game is very hard. Jon can't find the exit to the level, and Jon couldn't get past the second level.

The game case comes to life. Jon isn't intimidated by it and gets Jacques to shoot it.