JonTron reviews the PC game Nimbus while he talks like a drunk.

Nimbus Review?
Date November 19th 2010
Series Reviews?

Cast Jon (voice over), Jacques (voice over)


Jon opens the review stating that he'll be reviewing Call of Duty before cutting to Nimbus. He goes through the game talking about the colors, how a large eye steals the main character's girlfriend ship, and the game's physics. The game allows the main character's ship to change its "piss stream" and its body. 

He mentions that there are secret entrances that takes you to secret coins, but states that he doesn't know what they do. Jon states that he didn't finish Nimbus due to it being too long. He claims that Nimbus is a game for the ages and "will set the bar for 1996" but that it is a game that "you will maybe forget." He recommends that the viewer gets it on the Nintendo Steam if they don't have a Atari Jaguar. Jon then gives the score B out of 5. Jacques then speaks up and tells Jon that he "ruined everything."


  • This is the first PC review.
  • This is the shortest review that Jon has done, being 2 minutes and 34 seconds long.
  • Jon speaks about his dislike for brown shooter games, examples used in the video being Call of Duty and Gears of Wars, briefly in this review.
  • Jon speaks in a drunken voice during this review, giving the idea that Jon did this review while he was drunk.
    • Jon has stated that every episode, outside of Drunk Gaming, is done sober, meaning that he was sober while doing this video.
  • This is the first review that has a score: B/5.
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