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NormalBoots (formally Normal Boots, with a space) is a content portal that began the careers of Jon, alongside fellow YouTubers, Austin Hargrave (PeanutButterGamer), Jirard Khalil (The Completionist), and the Continue? crew. The group's name parodies equipment items found in RPGs.

Following a large amount of controversy, as well as creators simply wanting to branch out on their own, a large number of creators have left the group. Though most of them continue their same series independently from the NormalBoots brand.

Currently, in addition to being a brand that several content creators use, NormalBoots now has a proper YouTube channel where creators under the brand work together to create new variety content.



Normal Boots began with JonTron and PBG as the first shows that were featured on the site. The Completionist and Continue were added on at a later date. Each video began with the logo advertising the site. The videos were mainly uploaded to YouTube or Blip and then linked to the site.

More shows were later added to the website, like Indie Games Spotlight and Did You Know Gaming.



Normal Boots was later closed due to Jon and the other members seeing how YouTube was a better way of being paid by posting their reviews. The website was closed down with a picture of the Last Supper with Jon in place of Jesus and the other shows in the place of the disciples, with three of the disciples as angry fans saying "Can You Believe This Shit"[1]  The website is still available to view with links and by use of the wayback machine.


On January 25, 2014, Jon, Austin, Jirard, and the Continue? crew relaunched the site with new art, a new logo and exclusive videos. Their reasoning for relaunching the site is due to YouTube's copyright infringement.  New shows were added to the website, such as ProJared and Satchbag.  A new format used on the website made it easier to use and featured more pixel art than before.

JonTron's Departure

Following his controversial statements on January 27, 2017, Jon felt it would be in the best interest of everyone for him to step down from NormalBoots indefinitely. Both Jon and Jirard confirmed that the timing of the departure was purely coincidental, with Jon's career moving further away from a video game-centered content. Although Jon is no longer considered an active participant of Normal Boots, he is still considered an honorary member.

ProJared Controversy and Resignation

In yet another case of controversy, Jared Knabenbauer, better known as "ProJared" was seemingly fired from his position at NormalBoots on May 9, 2019. The circumstances surrounding these events involved a confirmed case of infidelity with his now ex-wife, as well as at least two accusations of Jared soliciting inappropriate photos from underage fans. Sachbag ended up leaving NormalBoots due to the controversy, not wanting to associate with the group amidst the allegations

On August 27, 2019, Jared finally broke his silence in a YouTube video explaining his side of the story. He revealed that he wasn't actually fired from NormalBoots, and instead he willingly resigned so as to avoid dragging any of the other creators on the site by proxy. The video used evidence to prove the most damning allegations untrue, though Jared also admitted that he was partially to blame.

Current State

Though a large number of creators now operate on their own


Channel Exclusives

  • Madness
  • Did You Know Movies?



Throughout the website's lifespan and subsequent revival, the logo has changed.

First Logo (2010-2011)

The original logo for normal boots had thin red and blue pixel text reading "Normal" and "Boots" respectively, and a pair of pixel art brown boots between the words, all displayed on a white background.

Second Logo (2011-2012)

The second version of the logo was a minor update from the previous version. The background has been changed to a green one (the very same green that this wiki's previous colour scheme was based on!), the pixel letters were made more defined and the boots were made brighter and more detailed. This logo would be used all the way up to the shutdown of NormalBoots.

Third Logo (2014-Present)

The third, and to date, current version of the NormalBoots logo debuted with the revival of the NormalBoots website and for many, was first seen in Jon's Hercules Games video. The logo is radically different from the previous two. It features a much simpler design for the boots, and the text has been relocated under the boots, made thicker, and changed to a uniform white colour. The green background has been given a softer tone as well.

A vector graphic version of this logo was made around the same time, primarily used for branding purposes, but has recently become the standard version, with the pixel art logo being the secondary one.


  • Caddicarus originally wished to be a part of Normal Boots, with his first video being submitted for entry. His entry was not accepted, a move he presently agrees with due to dissatisfaction with his old work. Caddicarus would eventually join Normal Boots' sister group, "Hidden Block".
  • Indie Games Spotlight is the only show that has not returned to Normal Boots since its revival.
  • Did You Know Movies was originally part of the Film Theorist brand, created by MatPat, of Game Theory fame.



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