Jon advertises his new shirts, but accidentally advertises JonTron coffee instead! ECH!

Official JonTron MERCH
Date September 26th 2014
Series Announcement Videos

Cast Jon, a model


Jon gets out of bed. He goes to the kitchen to find a container of 'Ech Roast' Coffee. He pours himself a coffee and drinks it. He then realizes that this video should have been made to advertise the shirt on his couch. And another shirt that is on a chair. And a third shirt that is being worn by a girl model. Jon realizes that he doesn't even own a coffee cup, and he finds a gun in it!

The shirts will be put into a vault once the deal is finished. Jon wants to model the shirts, as they look more fun than what he is doing - so he does.

There is a song called 'Jon Tron Coffee Song' being played over the first half of the video.

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