The Receptionist is a character from the popular indie game, A Hat in Time which, like Yooka-Laylee, is a collect-a-thon platform game released in 2017. Jon was approached by the developers to provide a voice for the game, also like Yooka-Laylee. However, unlike Y-L, the developers of A Hat in Time kept Jon in the game following his controversial statements on January of 2017. Many fans have applauded the developers on this decision, while many others attempted to boycott the game.


The receptionist is a usually jovial owl who sits behind the front desk at Dead Bird Studio. Upon meeting Hat Kid, he lightly requests she not go onto the stage. Further conversations can have him become more hostile to Hat Kid, threatening her to make sure she doesn't venture onto the stage. That said, he doesn't actually interact with her beyond the conversations.


  • Jon had originally voiced a penguin character in the Mafia Town stage. The penguin was present and could be spoken to in the game's demo, but was removed entirely in the final game. The reason for this change is unknown.
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