Jon tries to make a new show about features that ruin games, and the first episode is about QuickTime Events.

QuickTime Events Suck!
Date January 15th 2011
Series Sh!t that F*cks Games Up

Cast Jon, Jacques


Jon is starting a new show called "Sh!t that F*cks Games Up". Sometimes something pops up and the player hopes that it doesn't become a recurring thing in the game, but then it comes back again to be one of the main mechanics in the whole game! Some games can have one small problem that can ruin the entire experience. This show is about the things that make the player want to stop playing the game.

Jon moves on to the topic of Quick Time Events. A quick time event pops up on the screen, and is missed, which causes Jon to be hit in the face with a ball. He tries again, only for the event to be missed again, and Jon is hit by the ball again! He falls off his chair and wonders who is doing it. Jacques reveals that it is him, and Jon asks abut the show he should be working on.

Jon mentions how Shenmue was one of the first games to introduce QuickTime Events. The first time Jon was introduced to them was Resident Evil 4, and Jon didn't notice them too much because they didn't come up that often. Jon wonders what the point is of putting a QuickTime Event in the middle of a cutscene that we aren't even playing in! The flow of the game is destroyed if the player then has to watch the entire cutscene again just to get to the QuickTime Event.

It's the same in Bayonetta. The game is fantastic before missing a three second warning before having to do the whole thing again. Why? It only adds stress to the game. Super Meat Boy is hard, but it's the player's fault for stuffing up, not a case of flawed game design. Memorization isn't fun. A lot of the stuff in Mega Man can't be seen unless the player has already seen it before.

Jon can't work out the timing when being attacked by a dog in Call of Duty. Indigo Prophecy is a whole game about Quick Time Events! Couldn't they have thought of a better gameplay mechanic?

God of War is a great game, but anytime anything is killed, there is a series of Quick TIme events. It only adds frustration. Button mashing is OK, but Jon doesn't like it that much. Just like in Mario Party. The AI never gets tired, so they will never lose!

Castlevania Lords of Shadow has also caught onto QuickTime Events. Jon feels sick for calling this game a Castlevania game, and EVERYTHING is a Quick Time Event! They even stole ideas from Shadows of the Collossus!

Jon wants the Quick Time events to be removed from games entirely.