Sonic Team Intervention
Date November 1st 2010
Series Sonic Team

Cast JonTron, Allen Barstow, George Graham, Doug Holland, Jirard Khalil

A sequel episode to JonTron's Sonic R review featuring The Completionist.


After another skit involving Sonic Team taking drugs, Jon and Ray (Allen) play Sonic Free Riders together. The QA employee Babara (Jirard) comes in saying "she" doesn't want to play Sonic games in "her" cage anymore.

The two Sonic Team members are then arrested for dragging Barbara's body to a dumpster in broad daylight. Sonic Team's punishment was to be given a life coach named Jeff Van Vonderbush (Doug).

Jon realizes that they've hit rock bottom, and decide to make a game based around what people want. "Sonic Titerations". This is followed by Jon giving a disclaimer that Sonic Generations is actually a really good game.

Like its predecessor, the phrase "What the fuck is a Sonic?" is coined again.