Spaghetti is a sun conure and formerly one of Jon's pet birds. He somewhat resembles Jacques and Cinnamon, with his beak being coloured dark grey, like Jacques, and possessing a similar sharpness to that of Cinnamon. His feathers possess a vivid cascade of tropical reds, yellows and greens, somewhat resembling a sunset, hence the species name. He made his only appearance at the end of Jon's California Games episode.

Jon and his wife had only owned Spaghetti for about a week before they ultimately decided not to keep him. Jon then rehomed Spaghetti, stating it was due to him being too loud, as well as mean to Jacques. In actuality, sun conures, while being related to green-cheek conures, are not the same species and possess different temperaments. Sun conures are loud and very energetic, requiring near constant attention and upkeep that surpasses that of the more mild green-cheek. Jon has faced a mild degree of criticism for his lack of research on the topic.

It's difficult to say the extant of Spaghetti's personality, as he was only seen very briefly. He seemed tame enough to be held without much issue, but was seen to nibble at Jon's fingers. Though Jon didn't express any discomfort like he did with Cinnamon's biting, suggesting Spaghetti was a fair deal more gentle. In his final appearance, Spaghetti attempted to fly off of Jon's hand. Whether his wings were clipped or not is currently unknown.

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