Jon gets sponsored by Walmart as he hangs out to play Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront with Friends and Fans
Date November 18th 2015
Series none

Cast Jon, Stacey Plays, Captain Sparklez


This video was sponsored by Walmart and Star Wars Battlefront.

Jon walks and looks over a hill into the distance. He is at Walmart, and he is at a Star Wars Battlefront event recording himself with a handheld camera. The Star Wars section is shown off, and Jon poses with fans. Footage from the game is shown.

Jon welcomes people to the Millennium Falcon to play the game. Stacy Plays plays against JonTron. Jon plays as Darth Vader and humiliates her. He laughs. Jon just wants to talk as Darth kills Leia!

JonTron plays against Captain Sparklez. Jon is Luke, and Captain Sparklez is Boba Fett. Captain Sparklez comments that Luke can't walk in the sky! The match becomes intense, and Jon can't see how the match up is fair.

More footage of the game is shown. The trio conclude the video together.