Jon invites The Completionist over to play Star Wars Kinect.

Star Wars Kinect
Date May 2nd 2012
Series JonTron

Cast Jon, Jacques, Jirard the Completionist


Everyone is looking for a Star Wars game that actually feels like the player is holding a light saber. The game we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Star Wars Kinect. Neither Jacques nor Jon have a good feeling about this.

The Kinect is staring at Jon on fire. There are a lot of companies names that flash up on the screen at the start. Jon was actually looking forward to this game.

C-3PO and R2-D2 react to the players actions and it is kind of cute. Jon wants to show how many attempts it took him to activate the menus. He gave up after 9 attempts.

He wants to play as someone he knows, but he can't find anyone. The light saber actually follows the hand movement to a reasonable extent. The characters in the cutscenes are terribly inaccurate. He calls upon Jirard the Completionist to help, and Jirard jumps up from under him and terrifies him.

The pair look bored as they wave their arms around. It is way too easy! Jon wants to like this, but it feels wrong.

Jon decides to try out the rest of the mini games like the Pod Racers. Jon really liked the Nintendo 64 version. The presentation is great, but the controls are imprecise, and the game forces the player along a set path most of the time.

Rancor Rampage is next, and it is just terrible. The player is a Rancor and just destroys everything! It feels out of place in this game due to its violence. Jon can't get the game to do the charge attack. Duels of Fate is bland.

The last game is Galactic Dance off. Jon can't believe what he is seeing. He was very confused when he first saw this. The engine has been taken from Dance Central and it is fabulous. Jon had a lot of fun with this game, even though it isn't quite what he wanted. The game is pretty terrible, but it has something special to it.

The last item on the menu is 'Scan M-Tag'. Jon is horrified as the Kinect catches fire again.


The song playing on Galactic Dance-Off is a rewritten version of "Ridin' Solo" by Jason DeRulo.