Blizzard is ruining World of Warcraft and Jon wants to voice his opinion about it.

Date April 10th 2016
Series Other videos

Cast Jon


Jon is outside on a beautiful evening. He is making a video that he doesn't usually make.

He will probably regret making this video, because he doesn't consider himself a journalist, he's just an entertainer. This is just an opinion piece. This pissed him off so much.

This video is for people who played World of Warcraft from 2004. He explains how the vanilla version was released, and each expansion nullifies the previous one. Jon no longer likes the game. A lot has changed that Jon doesn't feel like it is the same game any more. It is difficult to make vanilla servers, and they are not strictly legal.

Blizzard shut down the Nostalrius Private Server, which was made for people to play the vanilla game. Why are Blizzard doing this? Blizzard was one of Jon's favorite gaming companies. Jon takes a water break.

Blizzard took down this server that Jon had a character on. This server didn't have any incentives or donations. It was just for the love of the game. People just wanted to play it. Jon shows a video of a Blizzard staff member responding harshly to a fair question about bringing back the old versions.

Blizzard is in their legal right, but Jon shows how many people showed up to say goodbye to the old game. Blizzard are losing people because they don't listen to their fans. The game is so different to what it was that it is like a Facebook game now.

Jared reads a letter from the people who made the server. Jon can't believe that Blizzard are like this now. All these people want to do is play their old game. The old game isn't offered anywhere, and this is the only way to play it.

They are milking the game. This decision was a big F you to people who love the game. Jon shows how the fan base has declined in popularity and shows that he quit when everyone else did when they changed the game. Jon shows footage of the people who lined up to say goodbye to the server.

Jon concludes by saying that it is in Blizzard's rights to do this, but changing things and not allowing people to play what they did before is like changing Chess to Ultra Chess, and not allowing people to play regular chess.