Jon completes challenges sent in by his fans that he wouldn't normally do.

Date June 30th 2016
Series Other Videos

Cast Jon, Remington Perregaux, Ethan Klein, Hila Klein


Jon turns around in a chair, and introduces the viewer to his 'Challenge me to do things that I probably don't want to do and wouldn't do otherwise' video. People have challenged Jon on Reddit for some insane challenges. He will never forgive them. Remmington pushes in Jon's laptop.

Challenge #1 - Fight h3h3 to the death.

Jon and Ethan dress in outfits, and prepare to push each other of platforms with large paddles. Remington is the referee. The rules are to don't do anything Remington wouldn't do. Ethan doesn't know what that means. They start pushing at each other. They both step off together. They ask Remington who won. He declares Jon the winner. Ethan complains.

Jon's q-tip is larger, so they swap. Ethan pushes Jon off, and Ethan wants a calling from Remington. He gives Jon the win! Hila enters and pulls Jon's q-tip away from him. Hila pulls him to the ground. Remington declares Jon the winner 10-1. Ethan complains.

Challenge #2 - Make a painting in the style of Bob Ross.

Jon acts like Bob Ross and begins to paint a stick figure. The person has blood, sweat and tears, and is peeing. The picture changes to a picture of Bob Ross at a mountain.

Challenge #3 - Play Mumbo's Mountain in Banjo-Kazooie blindfolded.

Remington puts Jon's blindfold on. Jon wants to get one jiggy. He gets into the water, and struggles to find the way out. He gets out on the wrong side. He asks for help to get out of the water as he does it!

He gets attacked by the bull. He gets Congo to hit one of the plates before he is killed. He pretends to have got the jiggy.

Challenge #4 - Dress shabby and play an instrument on the street.

Jon looks chic even when he looks shabby. He holds a saxophone in the park and plays it - badly. He plays the saxophone while a Mickey Mouse dances with him. Another man playing music in the street plays with him. Jon plays in the street and people give him money out of pity!

Challenge #5 - Please save my parent's marriage.

Jon can't do it. He decides to take them onto Judge Judy.