Jon counts down his top 10 video games that need to have sequels.

Top 10 Necessary Game Sequels
Date May 17th 2012
Series Top 10's

Cast Jon


10. Psychonauts. If there ever was an underrated game, it's this one. A great overworld, story, and characters.

9. Mega Man. We haven't seen a true Mega Man game in over a decade, and 9 and 10 don't really count.

8. Star Fox. Star Fox Assault was a step in the right direction, and Star Fox 64 3D went over well. We need Star Fox 128, but with a better name.

7. Zombies ate my Neighbors. Everybody has heard of it, but never played it. An XBLA version is what Jon wants - except cross-console.

6. Pikmin 3. What? They're already making it? How was I supposed to know?

5. Doom 4. Make it like Doom 2, not Doom 3

4. Super Mario RPG. The Paper Mario and Superstars games were on the right track. Jon compares Super Mario RPG to Windows Movie Maker because nobody else has.

3. Half Life 3. They're going to make it. Right?

2. Conker's Bad Fur Day. It's one of Jon's favorite games. Jon doesn't understand how there isn't a sequel to this yet. Just don't let Rare make it.

1. Banjo Kazooie. Speaking of Rare, what happened to Banjo Threeie? Then Jon remembers Nuts and Bolts